Been a Patient for few years, decided to have some extensive work. Dra. La Guardia reviewed all the options available, cost, timeframe etc. to complete such. Excellent to work around my travel schedule. She addressed the concerns I had and completed the job in a professional manner. I only wish I had done all the work earlier !! She did everything I asked. I have a few other matters that I want to be addressed, will be seeing dra. L for those dental issues also. She did a great job for me !! Thank you !! Dra. La Guardia is very caring and sensitive and genuinely very nice! I’m a big coward but she has a way of making you feel safe. She is very good and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great dentist they can trust. I first began seeing dra. La Guardia when she was located in Panajachel and followed her to Guatemala City when she relocated. I wouldn’t consider seeing anyone else!

Don Ati